Eye in the sky
Paolo Palumbo, a 21-year-old Italian chef and the youngest SLA patient in Europe, was selected by Italian company 3D Aerospazio for an experimental project that allows the young man to pilot drones through the movement of his eyes
Do octopuses dream of aquatic sheep?
David Scheel, professor of marine biology at the Alaska Pacific University, after having the opportunity to observe an octopus during its sleep, hypothesised that the changes of color and texture on its skin might have been caused by a dreaming process
The return of Babyface
Joseph Cronk, an environmental volunteer who was collecting trash on Wake Island, an atoll of Micronesia, filmed a hermit crab carrying a plastic doll head
The real Exo-man
Thibault, a young quadriplegic man from France, spent the last two years participating a project by French company Clinatec, which developed a system that allows a paralysed patient wearing an exoskeleton to move his limbs on his own, thanks to two brain implants
All that's left are ashes
At present, Earth's rainforests (Amazon in Brazil, Congolian forests in Central Africa and Borneo in Indonesia) are being severely damaged by wildfires
The world is on fire
As of today, many people all over the world, for example in Lebanon, Chile, Haiti, and Hong Kong, have been protesting for months for different reasons against their governments
They live

The city of Dresden, in Germany, has declared a "Nazi emergency", after an increase, in the last years, of anti-democratic and racist activity of right-wing extremists
In case of emergency push button
Russian government recently approved a new law that grants itself the power to switch off connections to servers "in an emergency" thanks to a network equipment capable of filtering content
The gas chamber
After the air pollution level increase in Delhi, officials declared a public health emergency and Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the city had been turned into a "gas chamber"
Nowhere to hide
Different research results agree that young women are more likely to be either bullies or bullied, with many cases involving use of the most popular social networks, and the worst situations may lead the victim to commit suicide
The secret of long life
The traditional Japanese diet favors consumption of fish, seafood, rice, vegetables and fruit, hence is rich in nutrients and poor in sugars, fats and animal proteins, it helps digestion and to prevent chronic illnesses
Fragile lives
Pangolins are considered the most trafficked mammals in the world, being used in traditional Chinese medicine, in Vietnamese luxury cuisine, and for spiritual purposes in many African States, therefore all eight species of this animal are threatened and risk extinction
Culture of safety
As many car manufacturers keep investing in automated driving systems, for which the major obstacle seems to be their scarce ability to deal with unexpected events, many commentators concur that what should be improved is not only the driverless technology, but also roads and infrastructures
Compromising phone call
U.S. President Donald J. Trump is the subject of an Impeachment Inquiry, started after a whistleblower alleged that he secretly pressured the President of Ukraine to investigate on Joe Biden's family, in order to compromise the Democratic candidate's results in the 2020 U.S. presidential election
Shattering outcome
A statistic revealed that in 2018 a half of the murders committed in Italy happened within family or affective context, this is the highest rate ever recorded