Speedy, a Data Transfer System by Stefan Ardeleanu

Guide; a manual to a SQL based data transfer system named Speedy
Race and Politics by Nigel Masenda

Commentary; an analysis on U.S. current socioeconomical situation, based on interviews to people from different classes, ethnicities and political affiliations
Imaginary Order by Shifra Steinberg

Coming-of-age novel; a young woman tells about her missing father, multiple house movings and her mother's addiction to pain medication
Inner Child/Outer Self by Kaileigh Otsuka

Poem anthology; pain can become our biggest strength if we are  to overcome it
Ich⁴ by Thomas Elbe

Autobiography; rather than telling the story of his life the author explains the four parts that form his personality
Atlantic Rue by Jack Adderley

Mystery novel; during the winter of 1903, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the crew of a British steam ship navigating toward the Falkland Islands must unravel a mystery